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Fearing the next attack

Author of American Hiroshima, David J. Dionisi is a former conservative Republican, military intelligence officer, and corporate executive. In writing this book he “woke up” and realized he had been “brainwashed.” Previously, he would have thought current progressives (including himself) were crazy.

“American Hiroshima” is bin Laden’s code name, from before 9/11, for the next big attack. Osama gave orders sparing the nuclear power plant north of New York City for fear of bad publicity would stop growth of the Muslim religion. Such an attack would be a last resort if the U.S. didn’t change its foreign policy. Some think the averted attack claimed in 2003 was an attempt to strike the nuke power plant north of Boston. Canadians and U.S. caught them in Montreal.

Having nuclear weapons benefits the weak, not the strong. Nukes can’t stop a nuke attack or a car bomb. Many in the world have nukes, the capability, or the information to build them. And flying into a power plant only takes a plane. Since bin Laden has always done what he said he would do, it is not a matter if, but when he does it. Unless we regain control of our government and wage peace.

Carrol Nast