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Enough is enough

Mary Longmore

When our elected representatives fail to represent us or our issues, it is time for us to replace them. It is that simple. I read in horror the letters to the editor extolling all that Boss Doolittle has done for us. What are these people smoking? He sits as our representative when 7 million more Americans have gone into poverty. He supports our continued stay in a war that was unjustified. His alignment with Tom DeLay shows us that integrity is not one of his finer attributes. His two appearances in Nevada County showed his cowardice to face his constituents. His Social Security presentation could have been given by my 8-year-old grandson. The other appearance was a 20-minute interview with the The Union. Surprise, surprise. The same day they cut the life support for the poor and infirm, the House voted affirmatively for a pay raise of $3,100. The only way we will once again get a voice in our district is to vote out the kind of representation of Doolittle and his colleagues. Democrats, Greens, decline to states and non-smoking Republicans roll up your sleeves our work has just begun. Change will be a good thing.

Mary Longmore

Grass Valley

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