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Dump ‘n’ run

I’ve used the Park and Ride at South Auburn Street and Colfax Highway for 21 years. It used to require a permit from the Grass Valley Police Department. It had landscaping, garbage cans, and was kept clean.

If you’ve used this lot in the last several years to commute, go to church, or an event in town, you’ve seen a significant change. The landscaping is gone, the garbage is in the lot (the cans were removed), and the parking lines are barely visible under the dirt, debris and broken glass. The lot turns to mud when it rains, even though it’s paved. Commercial businesses store their vehicles here (illegal), and it’s a haven for abandon cars and trucks.

Numerous calls to Grass Valley PD (and a personal visit), CHP and Caltrans have yielded no results as yet, in cleaning up the lot, stopping businesses from operating here, or hauling away the abandon vehicles. Getting the job done takes more than lip service.

Once Holiday Express starts using it for overflow parking, you can bet your bippy it’ll be cleaned immediately for the revenue. In the meantime, who is responsible to make this dump ‘n’ run a Park and Ride again?

Mike MacKenzie

Nevada City