Doolittle’s support for DeLay makes me mad |

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Doolittle’s support for DeLay makes me mad

I’m angry that Rep. John Doolittle is supporting Tom DeLay. In doing so, he is abandoning his morals.

DeLay certainly has a lot of baggage; he sold DDT as pesticide, for goodness sakes. But what really gets me mad is that DeLay blocked laws that would require businesses operating in the Mariana Islands in the South Pacific, a U.S. territory, to follow the same laws that apply in the U.S. This seemed reasonable to me, given that those same businesses wanted to tag their products with “Made in the U.S.” labels.

DeLay visited the islands personally, a place well known for casinos, whorehouses and the sweatshops he decided to defend. These places employ young women imported from China and Thailand for their nefarious exploits, reported a joint undercover Interior and Labor departments investigation. They even discovered that when these women get pregnant, they are forced to have abortions, reported a pro-life group called Life Advocate! DeLay called this “Free Market Success.” Is this is the kind of activity Doolittle supports? Does he even care? Or is he simply content to faithfully follow his leaders, even when they do not act justly?

Mark Selverston

Nevada City