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Defend the undefendable?

Mr. Frist goes to Washington and breaks the rules to change the rules. President Bush has come out in the open joining forces with Senator Frist (R-Tenn) in an effort to scuttle the filibuster. Bush, Frist and Hatch defend their efforts to eliminate the 200-year-old filibuster from Senate rules. How can you defend the undefendable? While they’re at it why don’t they change the archaic and 200-year-old Electoral College that put Bush in the White House.

The President, Frist and Hatch want “up or down” votes. There is nothing fair about up or down votes when these same Republicans have a 55 to 45 advantage in the 100 member Senate. The results of every vote will always favor the bloc-voting Republicans.

Senate majority leader Frist won’t compromise on his filibuster attack instead he will use the “nuclear option” and end all discussion.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City