Conservative policy failing |

Conservative policy failing

Jack L. Sanchez

The traditional American belief that the common wealth should be used for the common good is also the basic progressive belief. Conservatives believe each person should be going it alone, that each person should sink or swim on his own, that if a person cannot make it on his own, he is somehow inferior and a failure.

That conservative belief at work is what we all saw on television during the Katrina disaster. We saw conservative government paralyzed, incapable of acting. We saw the grinding poverty which is the result of conservative policy that benefits only the rich. Conservative policy refuses to acknowledge something as basic as global warming. Scientists had predicted several category 5 hurricanes in the Gulf of Mexico, but conservative policy weakened FEMA, refused to fund levee improvement and used the money to give tax breaks to the wealthy and fund the fraudulent and illegal Iraq War.

Conservative policy is designed to shrink government, to benefit the rich at the expense of the poor. When we needed government most, conservative policy failed the U.S. most miserably – again – and will continue to fail us. America must awaken to the catastrophe of conservative government.

Jack L. Sanchez


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