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Common sense

After the election it seems politically proper to “support the president” whether we did or not. There were at least 56 million of us who did not support President Bush, and for good reason.

Millions of us protested when he decided to invade Iraq on flimsy evidence of weapons of mass destruction. How could he expose our troops to these weapons when thousands of them could have been eliminated in the first assault? His stupid decision has now resulted in the death and maiming of at least 100,000 mostly innocent human beings and the anger of the entire Muslim world.

The immorality of his actions totally baffles anyone who believes in the Golden Rule, the Brotherhood of Man, or even the Bible, which states that “Thou shalt not kill”(Exodus xx, 13). I would have fully supported our pursuit and elimination of Bin Laden and his terrorist organization but I would not trust Bush to be our local dog-catcher now.

I am embarrassed to say that I am a citizen of the most powerful country on earth with a president declaring himself to be a war president. To say that “I do not support” our president is not treason but common sense.

Don Jones

Penn Valley