Stan Thomas-Rose: Mistaken assumptions |

Stan Thomas-Rose: Mistaken assumptions

In a column this past week, Norton Lehner described the majority of us locals at the March LaMalfa Town Hall meeting as immature, brain-dead, an orchestrated mob, and puppets without strings.

It is sadly ironic that he uses this kind of name-calling to advocate for a "fair-minded exchange," but his vitriol does point up the reason we have had to resort to loud behavior to be heard. I, for one, felt it was essential that LaMalfa understand that he should stop disregarding the views of many of his constituents, and instead consider advocating for the welfare of us ordinary working citizens.

Mr. Lehner particularly complains about single-payer health care on the mistaken grounds that it abdicates personal responsibility. Actually, single-payer would ensure that all pay in, unlike our present, mostly-privatized system that doesn't require all to pay, while leaving our hospitals on the hook for the medical costs of the indigent and poor and siphoning off billions to pay for vast private bureaucracies and profiteering.

I am deeply concerned that on many issues, misleading ideology and careless assumptions have replaced thoughtful consideration, and it seems to me that Mr. Lehner has fallen prey to these mistakes.

Stan Thomas-Rose

Grass Valley

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