Jerry Martin: Sudoku tournament a success |

Jerry Martin: Sudoku tournament a success

Our first team Sudoku tournament was a huge success, with 71 elementary students, first through fifth grades, on 20 teams from 10 local schools competing. Many observers were unanimous in their admiration for the focus, cooperation and excitement displayed by these children when solving these Sudoku puzzles. Rarely do young children compete in purely mental exercises, and doing so in teams is unprecedented. This was the first time anywhere that teams have competed in a Sudoku contest. We hope to expand this idea to other age groups. We intend to improve for next year's tournament.

Prizes were generously donated by many people and businesses. We thank local artist Ron Rodecker, the Getz family's Sierra Cinemas, Ben Franklin and Mountain Pastimes, and puzzle books by Cristina Smith's The Tao of Sudoku, Will Shortz and St. Martin's Press and Nikoli Publishing. We also thank Carrie Roberts, principal of Scotten School, and her staff, for providing and cleaning her facility. Also, I thank the members of the new Nevada County Sudoku Society for their generous support of their time, energy and funds, which were indispensable for this success.

Everyone's assessment of the value to children's growth and enjoyment was extremely positive, making this inaugural event highly worth repeating in the future.

Jerry Martin

Nevada County Sudoku Society

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