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Janet Vega: Enough with the labels

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Janet Vega

I read the editorials and op eds and all I seem to find is one polarized opinion heading straight into another polarized opinion.

Many seem to feel The Union leans more to the right, no — more to the left, and why is the paper even printing those biased lies and propaganda? Ugh.

I think, if I may presume, that we want a government that works for all of us. Not a government that has deep divisions. To quote a group called No Labels; "Polarization and deep division in national politics today is discouraging and counter-productive: the two major parties are turned viciously against each other and have now developed internal party divisions and factions as well. Meanwhile, our economy sputters, our roads and bridges crumble and our challenges mount." As a person who has voted since I was 18 years old, I want and expect that my leaders not fight but start fixing the problems.

I believe we all want to see job creation, health care that is affordable and attainable for all Americans. I believe we want to have a balanced budget, a planet that supports all of us with clean water and air. I believe and think we can agree on many other agendas, but we have to be willing to meet, talk and compromise.

As a person who has voted since I was 18 years old, I want and expect that my leaders not fight but start fixing the problems.

It is universal, no relationship, personal, business or friendships can thrive without discussion and compromise. It is the job of our elected leaders to get in there, reach across the aisles and start negotiating the deals they all promised us when they campaigned. At the very least this is what I expect. Do you?

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I heard many folks state that they felt the local town hall meeting with Rep. Doug LaMalfa was out of control and people were being disrespectful. I was there, and I thought people were lively and involved. I think people are angry and this was an opportunity for them to express it. There is nothing wrong with people expressing their anger in a lively manner and I did not hear Mr. LaMalfa complaining. I believe he also coined it lively and I think he handled it fairly.

I have been following Mr. LaMalfa's voting pattern and he votes straight party line. It makes me question his leadership. Does he reach across the aisle? Does he engage with Democrats/Independents to discuss what is healthy and good for us the voters, the people who have to live with the decisions these leaders make. They are there because we put them there, but are they serving us or themselves? Are they serving us or their party? Are they serving us or their own agenda? They are supposed to be serving us, regardless of their own beliefs or party affiliations. They should be asking themselves will this be good for the majority of the people? Clean air and clean drinkable water seem important to me, so why vote to do anything that will defile the two most important things that are necessary for our survival?

I have become involved with the group called No Labels. They call for fixing over fighting and for solving problems through a process that starts with shared goals. I have a strong desire to see the problems in Washington get fixed. I am tired of all the obstructionism on all sides, all the unfair gerrymandering by all sides for personal party gain and power.

Our leaders need to get together, put aside their differences and get to work. This is what we pay them to do. This is what we voted them in to do. The level of corruption on all sides is personally sickening to me and we, as a nation, stay divided and they, the leaders of this country, get to play out their sick game of chess to win power and use us as their pawns.

Let us, we the people, try to find common ground and help our leaders learn to lead with integrity.

Please check out http://www.NoLabels.org.

Janet Vega, RN, lives in Nevada City.

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