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Fran Freedle: Outraged with The Union

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Fran Freedle

I was really outraged when I looked at the March 11 edition of The Union. It was outrageous to feature The Union's favorite subject, pot, on the front page above the fold.

Emulating such a product exacerbates informing the public about the harms this drug brings to communities and desecrates the quality of life. It becomes harder to convince young vulnerable teens that this is not a harmless "natural product." It is an addictive product that could stunt their intellectual development and is known to bring on early dementia for even light users when they begin using the drug between ages 12 to 25.

But, when I turned to the opinions page and found the article from the Editorial Board favoring mail-only voting for our county, I just couldn't hold in my outrage any longer.

One of the greatest privileges citizens of our nation who are registered voters have, is to go the polls and vote on the issue or candidate of their choice. California legislators are tinkering with this with their new scheme to take this honored privilege away from us. In their questionable wisdom, they want us all to vote by mail thus ensuring more people will vote.

Legal citizens who are registered voters should have the right to demand a fair and legal, valid election and not be forced into a conjured up system to try to get more voters to vote.

Therein lies the problem — more people will vote.

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Who are these people? Are they here in our country legally? Do they really have a legal right to vote? We know that voters in California can register to vote when they go to the DMV. While the voter registration form requires them to mark whether they are U.S. citizens, illegal people are registered and actually get ballots in the mail. Nobody is checking on this, but we have a recorded instance in Nevada County from a person who told the DMV she was not a legal U.S. citizen and couldn't register to vote because of it, but she actually got a ballot in the mail. That is the only way she claims she would have been registered to vote. This test case indicates that there is a high likelihood that there could be more just like her.

There has been strong objection to the elections officer placing more and more voters in vote-by-mail precincts because of the way they select voting areas with less than 250 voters. This manipulation has forced more voters to vote by mail than any single effort in our county. Registered voters want to go to the polls and vote.

I have observed registered voters at the polls getting out their wallets and showing their IDs. When told it is not required, they retort that they are doing it because it is the right thing to do and they feel they should do it as legal registered voters.

I have observed numerous voters bringing their vote-by-mail ballots to the polls and handing them over like an unwanted product and requesting a paper ballot to be voted at the polls and passed through the counting machine so that they can have some confidence their vote is properly handled. Countless others deliver their voted ballots to the polls on election day.

The Election Integrity Project, a statewide effort to assure valid elections, has documented evidence about rampant voter fraud in California. They state that the area where the greatest fraud is perpetrated is in vote-by-mail ballots. With this information, one has to question why anyone in their right mind would favor a vote-by-mail process.

There are also documented instances when buses were hired to take California voters to Nevada to vote on election day, possibly allowing multiple votes from a single voter.

All these special accommodations to voters call the question. If voters are truly interested, won't they spend the time to inform themselves to vote? They will not need to be able to register on election day or send in their ballot by mail. Soon, at this rate, we will be able to vote from home using our computers, and then who in the world will ever be able to verify a valid election?

Call me old-fashioned, but I would prefer going back to a single day — election day— when people actually go to the polls and vote. Exemptions should be allowed for extreme illness or if a voter is out of the county on election day.

Legal citizens who are registered voters should have the right to demand a fair and legal, valid election and not be forced into a conjured up system to try to get more voters to vote.

Fran Freedle lives in Grass Valley.

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