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Dave Glubetich: It’s all about Donald Trump

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Dave Gluebetich

America is in turmoil. And it's all centered around Donald Trump.

For reasons both imagined and true, America's left is having a hissy fit. They don't like Donald Trump, what he stands for and what he is trying to accomplish. From the moment he was elected the 45th president of the United States, the far left proclaimed they would resist anything and everything coming from the Trump administration.

They're blind to the fact, however, how poorly our nation was doing under Barack Obama and how further decline would have certainly continued under Hillary Clinton.

The left's master plan is to resist by yelling the loudest and most often. Attack everything Trump says and does. Don't let him or the Republican majority get credit for anything. This resistance, they believe, will turn the tide of future elections.

I believe our economy will soon change from stagnant to robust, with a rising Gross Domestic Product. Will President Trump then get the praise he deserves?

For the left, all that matters is tarnishing Trump's reputation. Stir the pot. Accuse him of being hateful, while ignoring the vicious tactics of campus leftists to shut down free speech. Push for impeachment and keep the conversation on congressional investigations, leaked classified information, deportations, and gaffes.

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I can understand the vitriol many Americans have about President Trump. He wasn't my first choice in the primaries, and he brought a lot of this on himself. He wouldn't release his tax returns, he behaved very badly in the debates, and seems to step into controversies that could have and should have been ignored. And of course, there is the tweeting.

But it's not only President Trump who is under attack. So are conservative principles, common sense and long-standing American values. The left wants to replace these with open borders, identity politics, political correctness, globalism, socialism and higher taxes that really punish job creators.

If you follow the national media, you should be able to come to the logical conclusion that they are a big part of the resistance. In a typical day, there might be 10 things Trump did or said that are newsworthy. Two might have been somewhat embarrassing and eight could be viewed as favorable. Which ones do you think get the attention?

His critics will never let this Russian connection thing go. Yes, a novice politician along with a new administration will make rookie mistakes. It's normal. Soon these will be in the rear-view mirror. But hold it right there. Donald Trump is our duly elected President. And he was elected to make significant and needed changes that Hillary never could — or would — have made.

All his assertions may not be correct, and some of his programs may never get passed by Congress, especially considering the resistance tactics he's facing. But he — and all those who voted for him — deserve a chance.

Face it. Obamacare was a mess. Our military was growing weaker and critical spare parts were becoming a major concern. Our economy was in shambles. Our enemies didn't fear us. Our immigration policies were disgraceful. Government employee unions ran amok in Washington D.C. and our national debt skyrocketed to record highs.

And then there is the Paris Climate Accord, which was wholly Obama's doing by bypassing Congress. It was a very bad deal for America. Trump did the right thing by pulling the U.S. out and saving billions of dollars and not subjugating American citizens to the whims of foreign nations and spiraling energy costs at home.

The left is still in disbelief that someone like Donald Trump could win the presidency. But why wouldn't concerned Americans want a change? They flocked to the one who spoke the loudest and had the best ideas. And it didn't hurt that he was a very successful businessman, a perspective that was totally absent in an Obama administration that took pride in creating job-killing regulations.

I believe our economy will soon change from stagnant to robust, with a rising Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Will President Trump then get the praise he deserves? And will the destructive resistance stop?

Dave Glubetich lives in Penn Valley.

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