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January 27, 2014
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Time to make a stand

If you are among the majority that is tired of being labeled as being in the minority, then I believe it is time to make a stand.

If you are tired of being labeled a terrorist because you support the Second Amendment of the Constitution and believe Americans have the right to own guns;

If you are tired of being called a hate-monger because you believe in God, The Ten Commandments and the Golden Rule;

If you are tired of being told you are a health threat because you like donuts, drink sodas or enjoy fast food;

If you are tired of being told you can’t use plastic bags because doing so will annihilate our planet;

If you are tired of having to watch every word because you might offend someone;

If you are tired of the government forcing you to buy “affordable” health insurance;

If you are tired of being told you can’t display symbols of your religion in public;

If you are tired of being told our American flag is offensive to some;

If you are just plain tired of having your freedoms taken away one by one;

Then let’s make a stand. Let’s tie something white to our vehicles, porches, mailboxes or trees. Let’s stand up and be counted. Tweet, text, go on Facebook and share the idea nationwide. We are not represented or counted. Let’s change that! We are the majority!

Jodi McDonald lives in Grass Valley.

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