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Jim Driver

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January 2, 2014
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Yes! You should 'decide for yourself'

But, what is the truth? Jim Firth’s latest smokescreen, “Look at the votes to decide for yourself,” just proves my original observation, as follows:

“It is obvious that either he has never attended a Tea Party function or that he deliberately intends to misrepresent what the Tea Party stands for because none of the issues he cites have anything to do with the three core principles of the Tea Party: fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited Constitutional government.”

In his latest Other Voices column, Firth again accuses the Tea Party of supporting the very things that I said in my original article the Tea Party opposes!

For “proof,” he quotes from an article by Tom Cohen and Alan Silverleib titled “Senate Republicans reject Obama call to end ‘big oil’ tax breaks.” He then lists the voting records of several Tea Party Caucus members and the voting records of several other members of Congress, who, in his own references, are not listed as members

of the Tea Party Caucus, even though he says they are.

What is the Tea Party Caucus?

The Tea Party Caucus was started by Rep. Michele Bachman (R-Minn). It consists of 60 or so Republicans. They claim to speak for the Tea Party, but, as reported by Kenneth Vogel in Politico, the Tea Party rejects that notion and accuses the Tea Party Caucus of trying to hijack the Tea Party.

The Tea Party Caucus is partisan — all Republicans. The Tea Party movement is grass roots and nonpartisan.

Therefore, Firth’s argument is invalid! We, in the Tea Party, believe that our three core principles — fiscal responsibility, free markets and limited constitutional government — have been the engine that has created the vast wealth our country has been blessed with over the last 200 years.

But there are those in both the Democratic and Republican parties that believe that deficits do not matter, that free markets are mean spirited and that our Constitution is an outdated document. These folks have been trying to pass law after law to establish what they call social justice. These ideologies have never, in the history of mankind, worked. They have only restricted mankind’s freedom.

Furthermore, that great wealth created over the last 200 years that has benefited the vast majority of Americans is slowly being destroyed by the welfare and nanny state ideologies of both parties.

Wake up! Look around you!

Can you buy raw milk from your neighbor to drink?

Can you sell your extra chicken eggs to your neighbor?

Can you sell baked goods for a fundraiser?

Can you raise a steer and sell what you don’t need to your friends?

Can your children sell lemonade on your front lawn without a license?

No! Because the “Food Police” will shut you down. We have light bulbs that don’t give enough light! We have toilets that won’t flush! We now have an endless array of demands and prohibitions that we, the voting public, have never had the chance to approve or disapprove. We in the Tea Party believe that these prohibitions are un-constitutional and frustrate a free market economy.

If you believe, as we do, that our government should be fiscally responsible, that free markets are better than crony Capitalism and that our Founding Fathers tried to preserve our individual freedom by creating a government that is bound by the chains of a Constitution, then join us in our fight against this disastrous new welfare and nanny state style of a governmentally planned society!

Jim Driver lives in Rough and Ready.

Furthermore, that great wealth created over the last 200 years that has benefited the vast majority of Americans is slowly being destroyed by the welfare and nanny state ideologies of both parties.

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