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Eddie Garcia

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April 11, 2013
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Tea Party stands for responsibility, not racism

Wow … Maw Campbell’s Other Voices, titled, “Tea Party is John Birch Society 2.0” couldn’t be farther from the truth.

I have never understood, nor will I ever understand, why someone must malign an individual or organization that they do not agree with. She speaks of an article written by Mr. Frank that she claims was based on fear, hate and ignorance. It sounds like she is describing her article.

I am not here to defend or malign the John Birch Society but I can speak for the Tea Party. Ms. Campbell states that the only difference between the John Birch Society and the Nevada County Tea Party is the “Enemies of the State list.” She states that certain words have been eliminated and replaced by words such as Muslims and illegal aliens. I dare her, in fact strongly recommend and invite her, to attend one of our meetings. We have never maligned, spoken disrespectfully or asked people to leave our meetings or not join the Tea Party because of their race, creed, color or gender. She is the one spewing hate, fear and mistruths.

The Nevada County Tea Party is an organization based on our belief in the Constitution of the United States of America and that all people are created equal. We believe in fiscal responsibility from everyone from the president of the United States to the working class of Americans to the poor and disabled, who struggle to pay their bills. We believe in a government run by the people, not by the politicians and bureaucrats who are trying, and appear to be succeeding, to take over our country. We believe in a limited government that is run by the individual states and only expect federal intervention when absolutely necessary.

It is people like Maw Campbell, who seem to revel in misquotes and mistruths, who are the real culprits in our fight for survival. Make no mistake; this is for the survival of our Constitution, Bill of Rights and our country. I can only point to Rome at a time when its government professed to know what was best for the people and took over every aspect of their lives, including their property and personal possessions in the name of the state. There was no way for the people to express themselves without penalty of arrest and imprisonment and/or death. We know what happened in Rome. Have you read the “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire?” There is a lesson to be learned from that book. Are we really so anxious to copy their plan of destruction?

When free people make a conscious effort to remain free, i.e. World War I and World War II, why would we not want to continue to remain free and in control of our lives and our future? Are we so far gone that we just don’t care anymore?

There was another article in The Union newspaper by Bonnie McGuire, rebutting Ms. Campbell’s article. There are always two sides to every story, sometimes three. Don’t make the mistake of just reading one person’s opinion. Get all the facts, make a decision, and then move forward. I am not opposed to people putting their opinion into writing, but I would hope that they get the facts before they put their opinions in print.

Eddie Garcia lives in Grass Valley.

When free people make a conscious effort to remain free, i.e. World War I and World War II, why would we not want to continue to remain free and in control of our lives and our future?

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