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July 18, 2007
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One Hundred Years Ago in Nevada County... 8/11/07

September, 1907

The wife of W.J. Ball, a Main Street saloon keeper, ran off with his partner. Ball held no anger toward his wayward spouse. "She has always been a good woman," he said between sobs.

Union Pacific ordered 100 gasoline motorcars for branch lines - possibly steam engines will service only the main lines.

Baseball manager Williams is going to Sacramento to see of he can't hire some good players. Attendance has been falling off due to dummy playing.

Famous sculptor August St. Gaudens is seriously ill in his New Hampshire home.

Cool and fair most of the month - unsettled at the end.

The Game Commission says a license is not needed for bears, just deer.

Colfax has a bank - its first.

Illinois makes half the whiskey in the country. Taxes paid are one fifteenth of the government budget for the year - $35,000,000.

The Scotts Flat School is idle -- no teacher. Miss Annie Bley taught there for a month but her time is up.

Commander Peary is ready for his polar trip.

One McNeill and an Edward Laurie inhabit cells in the city prison -- too much boozerine of the wrong brand.

Martin Salton, a New York tailor, was caught assaulting Annie Rogers, 19, and was beaten into insensibility by a mob that was attempting to hang him when police arrived.

Ed Granholm escaped injury when a young colt he was training stumbled and fell in town. Granholm is a bronco buster of unusual ability and is willing to tackle anything that comes along.

The last of the great fighting ships of pre-armor days, the frigate Portsmouth, makes a final voyage to the Jamestown Exposition before returning to the New Jersey Naval Reserve.

The Fire Board voted to get rid of the old hook-and-ladder truck at the Eagle Hose Company - it has little value.

Auburn Street residents complain about a herd of festive bovines, owner unknown, who have been trampling and eating gardens.

The old Chinese chairmender, often seen on the streets, was assaulted by a boy and now suffers from a deep gash over his eye.

At a meeting in Brest, of Japanese and American Naval officers, Rear Admiral Stockton said America would '...always remain faithful to the Japanese and be their friends.' A Japanese counterpart said, 'I do not know of any tension existing beneath the United States and Japan.'

Otto Suden and his son arrived here today from San Francisco in a large touring car. The trip from Sacramento took seven hours.

Colonel Hamilton Lewis, former congressman, says the greatest danger to America is Japan. He sees war ahead and not that far off.

The 2-week-old daughter of James Penrose died. This is the second child they've lost in two years.

A Graniteville fire kills the 3-year-old son of Mr. M. E. Reed.

The Labor Day picnic at Glenbrook Park includes automobile races.

Miss Julia Jackson Christian, granddaughter of Stonewall Jackson, married E. Preston, a North Carolina lawyer.

Work on the NCNG cutoff, near Shebley's Station, begins. It'll eliminate the need for costly trestles.

The Erie railroad has the greatest locomotive in the world, with 16 driving wheels, four cylinders and weighing 410,000 pounds. It's 80 feet long.

The city cart horse is 33 years old and should be put out to pasture.

Mrs. Mary Cahill was called home, passing away at U-Bet.

A four horse team ran away near Bridgeport. A Chinese man riding with Walter Kirkwood, the driver, was hurt.

Two famous American families join as Lt. U.S. Grant III married Edith Root, daughter of the secretary of state.

The Sacramento Bee's motorized railcar rolled into the NCNG yard with its load of papers but minus a driver. Agent Abbott came in later on a freight. He lost his balance near Buena Vista and fell off the car.

Dr. Scobee, shot last month by W.B. Sigourney, died. Cause of shooting is still unknown.

Mrs. Ronchi of Willow Valley mourns the loss of two porkers to thieves.

Everybody has baseball fever - the local team meets the Relays of Oakland and it should be a great game.

Fred Grant was arrested in Truckee for stealing a suitcase - he is a member of the a luggage-stealing gang working the rail lines.

Dr. Carl Jones, working as an intern in a San Francisco hospital, had a physical breakdown due to the amount of work required there.

Mining men visiting Camptonville had their motorcar break down. William Meek drove them to Nevada City in a buggy.

The railroad between Marysville and Downieville won't be built -- not enough stock floated.

A bridge in Quebec collapses -- 200 feared lost.

The Methodist Church predicts the overthrow of the saloon in the decade.

Well-known miner Charles Flynn was sent to Napa. He was found yesterday, naked as a jaybird, sitting in a sink. He fled to a nearby house, scaring the inhabitants with his nude appearance. He was finally roped to a wagon and brought to town.

Female attendants at the Iowa fair must not display décolletage nor have skirts more than four inches above the ground.

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