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Closed mind a waste

The “Leave it to the Scientists” letter of Feb. 2 about Russell Steele’s Dec. 17 Other Voices column on global warming and science, presumes and assumes that one school of thought on the subject is unquestionable, but anyone else’s facts are questionable (i.e., Mr. Steele’s).

The writer trots out his own “backwater” sources of authority to impress his bias on us, to discredit anything to the contrary, in his sarcastic manner, knowing full well that those sources are using computer models designed to support their foregone premise. And should know that NASA uses atmospheric (not ground instruments) to measure temperatures, which show that our earth’s atmosphere is cooling. Fact.

The writer needs to avail his mind to pure science, contrary to his own bias, to be objective, as Mr. Steele has.

There are several excellent science-based sources out there, one being “The Skeptical Environmentalist,” by Bjorn Lomborg, respected statistician and former Greenpeace member, who puts the question into hard realities. One being that if global warming is happening (?), it is of natural, cyclical reasons, with a very small percentage due to human factors, such as greenhouse gases.

So if the writer still has an open mind, have at it, “dude.”

A closed mind is a wonderful thing to waste.

Ken Davis

Grass Valley