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Changing war rationale

It seems that every few months Bush comes up with a new “happy face” for the occupation of Iraq. The quick “oil grab” Bush/Cheney first envisioned was a colossal miscalculation. Bush realizes that his place in history will be defined by two items – the war in Iraq and his record deficits. He has positioned himself as “war time” president by creating a fearful, nebulous, and never-ending “war on terror.” This is a stubborn man.

The first “happy face” Bush used to justify his invasion has now fallen apart as a pack of lies (WMD and Saddam’s ties to alQaeda). The second “happy face” he put up was that he was going to spread Jeffersonian democracy all over the Middle East. This “happy face” sounds great in his speeches but is falling apart when checked against the reality on the ground.

Bush has now come up with a third “happy face” for his true believers called the “flypaper defense.” The preposterous idea is that the 150,000 America troops in Iraq will act as “flypaper” attracting all the Islamic terrorists he has created so that they will not show up here. When they do, I suppose his fourth “happy face” will be the “domino theory.”

Michael Schwalm

Penn Valley