Can we survive 4 more years of Obama? |

Can we survive 4 more years of Obama?

Colleen Deneen

The negative campaign strategies instigated by Obama supporters and responded to by Romney supporters are taking a toll on Americans … and meanwhile the pertinent and necessary proposed solutions for our poor economy, our high unemployment and our lack of job growth is being overshadowed by inanity.

We hear accusations that Gov. Romney has not paid taxes for 12 years. Meanwhile, Reid, Pelosi, Feinstein and others hope that these accusations will deflect the attention from their own tax histories.

We hear that the Republican party is made up of mostly millionaires whose only interest is in enhancing the livelihood of the wealthy … and meanwhile the wealthy Democrats are the ones defending the executive orders and outrageous bailouts.

We hear that unemployment in the U.S. continues to rise and each jobs report is worse than the prior. Meanwhile, contracts to rebuild our infrastructure (a $400 million bridge in New York, a $7.2 billion bridge in San Francisco and a proposed $190 million bridge project in Alaska, which would mean jobs for our citizens) are going to Chinese government-owned contract firms.

We hear Obama promise Americans that his health care law would not be forced on anyone, would provide superior health care for all and would cost less than we are currently paying. Meanwhile, the health care benefit has become a mandate, costs have risen drastically, health benefits have declined, all Americans are forced to pay for services not actually “health” related and the security of knowing that America takes care of its most vulnerable citizens (the aged, the severely disabled, the truly economically disadvantaged) has been shaken.

We hear Obama call for “sacrifice” from all to contribute to the good of all. Meanwhile, as American families are forced to rein in their spending, the president and his wife travel the globe incessantly, vacation expensively, play golf excessively and “play” at making America strong in foreign relations – all while failing to propose, draft and pass a budget that would reflect an earnest desire to balance our finances.

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All of the above are directly related to the actions of the incumbent president, Barack Obama, and his hand-picked advisors who seem mostly concerned with lining their own pockets, rewarding their cronies with payoffs and contracts (e.g. Solyndra) and drafting their own ideas of what the U.S. Constitution should look like.

Meanwhile, we, the people, must decide whether we have been sufficiently duped and financially undermined and whether we can survive another four years of the disasters we have faced with the current administration since 2008.

Please carefully consider and cast your vote.

Colleen Deneen lives in Grass Valley.

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