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Budget mortgages future

The Bush Administration is trying to ram the budget through Congress with little scrutiny or study. Why? Because if any reasonable person does study it, they would be horrified to learn that their future and their children’s future are being mortgaged to the military industrial complex, corporate interests and millionaires.

Tax cuts first. Millionaires get $90,000 a year in tax breaks, while corporate tax receipts are reduced to levels not seen since the 1930s. Great news for Bush’s corporate and millionaire (or will it be billionaire) donors.

National defense. $500 billion, then add supplemental appropriations of $80-$120 billion for Iraq and Afghanistan. Put in perspective, our military budget is over 40 percent of the world’s total military spending. We spend more on research and development for new weapons than any other country spends on its entire military.

How are we losing? The budget proposes $18 billion cuts in domestic programs that include education, environment, health, Medicaid and veterans’ benefits. Check out this Web site for a better understanding of the budget proposals and their impact http://www.cbpp.org/2-22-05bud.htm.

Jackie Mason

Nevada City