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Bottom line

Russ Steele’s article, “The science behind global warming” (Other Voices, Dec. 17), is anything but scientific.

To Steele, global warming is a problem of dubious origin and scientists have not proven that CO2 is the main contributor to global warming. To bolster his claim, he says Greenland and Antarctica have been cooling recently.

The National Geographic magazine’s September 2004, three-part series entitled “Global Warning” takes a more enlightened look at global warming and its consequences.

Knowledgeable scientists representing reputable organizations document global warming consequences in a variety of worldwide locations. As examples, there is a recent 1,250-square-mile collapse of the Antarctic Larsen ice shelf, and Greenland’s ice sheet is shrinking. To quote the article, “The atmosphere’s level of CO2 now is higher than it has been for hundreds of thousands of years … The 20th century has seen the greatest warming in at least a thousand years, and natural forces can’t account for it all.”

For Steele, of course, the bottom line is not protecting the planet, it is protecting rate payers.

We’re all “rate payers,” and what we’re paying for now is the rate of indifference to our planet’s and our grandchildren’s future. National Geographic September 2004, a great read.

Tom Davisson

Nevada City