An American Crisis |

An American Crisis

Tony Finnerty

Now we learn from USA Today that Bush’s domestic spying assaults every single American. All phone calls and e-mails, your’s and mine and everyone’s, whether to Auntie Mildred or B & C Hardware, are “harvested.”

This is profoundly unAmerican. Bush is profoundly unAmerican. Bush’s actions directly and egregiously violate the Fourth Amendment of the Constitution and the FISA law. The issue is not liberal vs. conservative. This is an American crisis.

Republican senators and representatives actively support Bush and his policies. With the exception of Russ Feingold and John Conyers and a few meeker souls, isolated within their own party, Democratic congresspeople acquiesce. There is no opposition party in this country. There are no checks and balances.

Because of the failure of our leaders and elected representatives, We The People must save our nation. Write letters. Call our elected representatives. Raise hell. Be heard. As Jennifer Nix, editor of Glenn Greenwald’s new book, “How Would A Patriot Act?” writes: “If the people want George Bush to stop breaking the law, then the people must, and can, make him stop.”

Tony Finnerty

Nevada City

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