American values headed downhill |

American values headed downhill

Michael O'Brien

In the last election there were candidates who had no chance of winning because it was said they outsourced jobs out of our country, and I can hear that same cry in this election!

Repairing the San Francisco Bay Bridge has been outsourced to China? The question should be why? I can make the claim that 97 percent of every large employer has outsourced.

Phone for help or information and ask where they are – not in America! HP, AT&T, even eBay as was pointed out in the last election, and the list goes on.

People should wake up and ask why. It does not take a PhD to see we are grossly over-regulated to the point many businesses must outsource just to stay alive.

Our forefathers gave us the ability to replace our elected if they don’t do the job. But the incumbent always have a great advantage because we, the voters, are too lazy to get out of that soft chair and look up the truth. Some claim they get their information from the news networks; what does that tell you?

I have come to believe most of the news media has been bought and paid for. The American dream has been squashed into the idea it is all about money.

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There was a time when spending Sunday in the park with friends and family in a loving environment was the highlight of the week. People were more content with fewer items and more love and companionship.

People used to have honor and would refuse to lie; the value of the soul was the most important thing.

Life is fatal, and the values we live by point the direction we will go when it is our turn to leave.

Michael O’Brien lives in Willows, Calif.

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