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Ways to effectively donate to charities

Now that the season of giving is upon us, tips on giving to charities can be helpful.

Here are six ways to donate to charity without spending more money than you are giving already:

Develop a plan. Rather than giving random donations throughout the year, it is better to find out where the money is going and ensure that the charity is important to you. That way it reflects your values and you can become a more informed and more effective giver.

Give of yourself — literally. Blood or organ donations act as generous ways to give that pose no financial burden.

Give time. You can volunteer at charities, a hospital, a soup kitchen and donate time, rather than money. You can even make the giving more social and sign up with a friend.

Make sure your money is being used wisely. If you do decide to donate money, be sure it's being spent wisely. One helpful website is Charity Navigator. Just type in the name of the organization and see what pops up.

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Clean out your closet. Used clothing, music, books, furniture, etc., can help people out while clearing out your clutter and unnecessary items.

Find power in numbers. You generate more funds when you work in a group. You could try giving circles, where people pool money and decide together where to put it.

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