Yes, Nevada County’s Tea Party is alive and well |

Yes, Nevada County’s Tea Party is alive and well

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Fran Freedle

The Tea Party is alive and well in Nevada County and throughout our nation. Just read a few of the scathing charges by those who fear our American principles and growing influence on public policy.

We take bold action to remind citizens about constitutional values, especially limited government.

Recently, the Nevada County Tea Party invited Pastor Rafael Cruz to come to our county. He came at no charge to us, except for travel expenses, and spoke to hundreds of interested citizens about the threats to our freedom. He inspired us to work with our pastors to fight for religious and other freedoms.

We have produced a DVD of his speech, and it is available to everyone to increase the potency of his message.

Pastor Cruz actually left Cuba to escape tyranny and came to our country, which offered opportunities not available to him in his native land. He experienced the American Dream by hard work and living a faithful life — the same American Dream available to all of us if we work hard, choose a cause and remain true to it. Standing up for freedom is not radical, it's American.

The Pastor Cruz event appealed to a whole new group of concerned citizens who joined with the Nevada County Tea Party to hear his message of hope for a better tomorrow. Our local Tea Party numbers many more than the 300-plus who squeezed into a packed room to hear him.

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The Tea Party has given a backbone to Republicans and Democrats alike. It has fostered a resurgence of constitutional principles and moved them to the forefront of political discourse.

We are supporting Common Core Concerns' efforts to help everyone become informed about the major educational changes embodied in Common Core. A town hall was held April 29 at the Grass Valley Elks Lodge. When we are informed, we make better decisions, and it is important that everyone understand changes that will affect future generations. For more information, visit

We have been providing candidates' forums since February to help voters hear from all the candidates for local office. All have remarked that the forums have been helpful and the candidates have been appreciative of the opportunity to speak to a wide spectrum of potential voters.

Our main efforts are showing success with public officials on both sides of the aisle, recognizing the importance of following the Constitution. We are reminding them of the consequences of their actions.

Our eyes have been opened to the detrimental effects and loss of basic freedom their actions convey, and we are asking lawmakers if they are adhering to their oaths of office where they swear, often on a Bible, to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States and the constitutions of their states.

Overzealous lawmakers must now respond to "We the People." Through our efforts, they have learned that these words do have meaning and we are holding them to task!

Our main focus is on our overzealous, unlimited government and how it erodes our freedom and liberty.

Our regular meetings offer lots of opportunities to become better informed. Visit our website to learn more at

Fran Freedle is a Grass Valley resident, former Nevada County supervisor and leader of the Nevada County Tea Party.

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