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Where’s honesty?

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Jerry Martin

An Oct. 27 Other Voices column by Bill Struck provokes this response.

It represents many lies told by right-wingers about Obama and Democratic policies. There are many examples of Struck's deceptive misinformation in his rant. Here's one: "Obama, pro-Muslim that he is, is pushing hard to make Sharia the law of the land and of our courts, displacing our beautiful Constitution, which he deplores, and has said so many times." I challenge Struck to back this up with any examples.

This is absolute bullswiggle and joins other lies told by the extreme right (Limbaugh, Beck, Trump, Coulter, et.al.), such as: "Obama is a socialist/communist"; "Obama wasn't born in the USA"; "Obama pals around with terrorists"; "Obama hates white people."

These spokespeople, without conscience, have the ears of the nation and use their power to pervert the system. Many of these lies, unfortunately, are believed by a substantial proportion of our citizenry. I am disappointed by the silence of the moderate part of the Republican party, people who know these are lies but who fail to denounce them as such.

If people have to lie to make their point, isn’t that evidence that their positions … are weak and indefensible?

If people have to lie to make their point, isn't that evidence that their positions, if truthfully presented, are weak and indefensible?

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How can our democracy exist when untruths are so prevalent? Don't these lies distract from a serious discussion of real problems, bipartisan dialogues that might produce solutions?

Some Democratic politicians stretch the truth also, but nowhere close to the fabrications of the extreme right. At least they never exploited Romney's Mormonism, claiming he has three wives hidden in Utah's canyons.

Jerry Martin lives in Grass Valley.

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