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Where is your ‘energism’?

Where is your "energism"?

That was the question a student asked a classmate as I walked onto the campus of Pleasant Valley School on Wednesday, March 19.

"Energism?" I asked.

"Yes, that's my new word for the day." She smiled and walked off.

I went to the office to sign in, thinking about "energism" and how well it described the young lady who used it. In the office I read the school rules and noticed some very impressive artwork, which were letters that spelled out the school's name.

My name is Ina Elrod. I am the current president of the Penn Valley Hi-Graders Lions Club. Recently I joined some of our members at Pleasant Valley and Williams Ranch School to give away Kindle readers.

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As part of a literacy project, we challenged the students (kindergarten through eighth grade) to read books at or above their AR (Accelerated Reader) reading level. Students had to take quizzes, and those whose quizzes scored at 80 percent or above received one ticket for entry in the drawing.

That was the reason I was visiting Pleasant Valley School. Going to school in Germany, where we didn't have assemblies, and not having any kids of my own, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

Lion Mike and I were met by a "student body" to be escorted to the gym. Our escort was the "energism" lady. Mike and I were very excited about giving away the Kindles. We could feel that the students were just as excited. Heading to the gym, we could hear foot stomping and clapping. We were greeted with the Viking song. It was a wonderful way to start out the day.

The winners of the Kindles were very grateful and the students who didn't win were happy for those who did. What a wonderful experience, to see so many smiling faces. We had the same experience at Williams Ranch School.

I have been a volunteer for 13 years and have taken part in many fundraisers and projects; I have had lots of fun and felt good about helping those in need. The day I was inducted into the Penn Valley Hi-Grader Lions Club, the inducting officer told me that there would come a moment when I would truly feel like a Lion. That moment came to me on March 19 at Pleasant Valley School — such a happy place.

Thank you, Chloe, for sharing your "energism" and thank you all for giving me "my moment."

P.S. The students read a total of 2,167 books in a four-week period.

Ina E. Elrod lives in Penn Valley.

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