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When will justice be served by county DA’s office?

Some time ago I had the opportunity to view a video done shortly after Clifford Newell was elected to office in 2006. This video had been on YouTube for everyone to see until such time as I questioned a statement made by Mr. Newell, relative to his concern about the new crime in Nevada County that his office would have to address. That crime was white collar crime.

Immediately after asking the question (when do you plan on addressing white collar crime?) in the press, the video was pulled from YouTube and you can no longer access it on NCTV.

I am of the opinion that Mr. Newell has never addressed the white collar crime in the county and that he has failed to act on at least three cases of white collar crime.

It further appears that Newell does not want to address the domestic violence issues in Nevada County, either. I am referring to the July arrest of former Nevada County Deputy District Attorney Ken Tribby.

If I understood the story in The Union of Mr. Tribby's domestic violence arrest, the district attorney's office would review the case for charges. Have they? According to the story, Mr. and Mrs. Tribby were both intoxicated. Mrs. Tribby struck Mr. Tribby first. Why was Mrs. Tribby not arrested for domestic violence? After Mrs. Tribby struck Mr. Tribby, Mr. Tribby struck back, injuring Mrs. Tribby; why is it that Mr. Tribby was not arrested for assault? Oh wait, I am pretty sure that would be a felony.

Mr. Tribby's sudden exit from the Lester case caused a minimum of a five-month delay in this trial. This "resignation" could not have been more beneficial to his now former client had it been contrived.

Was it just a coincidence that just two days prior, the defense team for Lester/Laferte lost a motion to have charges dismissed? The defense team had repeatedly requested continuances for this trial, and they were denied. Surprising isn't it, how pieces just come together?

According to the District Attorney's website, and I quote: "A woman is physically abused every nine seconds in this country. We need to intervene early and stop the escalating cycle of domestic violence. Therefore, the Nevada County District Attorney has a specialized vertical prosecution unit devoted to the aggressive prosecution of spousal abusers."

Really? May I ask when? I wouldn't think, based on the well-written article in The Union, that there is any question that charges should be brought.

If Mr. Tribby caused injury to Mrs. Tribby, he should certainly be required to attend anger management classes, as well as possibly AA meetings, to help both he and his wife with their alcohol issues.

Again, I have to ask … When? When will justice be served by the Nevada County DA's office? Or possibly, did Mr. Tribby also do a "favor" for DA Newell?

Just like the Lester/Laferte case, is there hope that with time everyone will forget and it will just go away?

Margaret Fowler lives in Fremont, Calif.