Tribute to Our Troops: 4th Annual WW Golf Gig |

Tribute to Our Troops: 4th Annual WW Golf Gig

Sunday, May 21, Lake Wildwood will host Military Men and Women (Active, Guard and Reserve) stationed at Beale  AFB  to lunch  and golf
This  is  the  fourth  year  in  a  row  that Lake  Wildwood  has  hosted  Beale  AFB  military  men  and  women  to  golf  and lunch to say "THANK YOU" for your service. It has proven to be a great opportunity to golf and interact with young GI's.
They have many and varied stories to share about  their  current  service,  deployments  and  challenges  and  are  anxious  to  hear about  your  experiences  and  careers.  It  seems  Veterans  have  especially  enjoyed these interactions in past years. It has truly been a "win-win" experience for all involvedover  the  past  three  events.
If  you  are  a  golfer,  please  consider  playing.  If you are a non-golfer, please consider hosting an Airman, or if you wish to make a  donation,  you  may  do  so  at  Golf  ProShop.  Sign-up sheets  for  volunteering  to help  or  donating  use  of  your  golf  cart  are  posted  on  the bulletin  board located from the Men's restroom, on the wall by the Bar Prep area in The  Oaks lobby. If you have questions, please call Judy McCallum at 432-1189.
Twilight Golf and Dinner–Tuesday, May 16 – $40 per couple. Field is limited so sign up today

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