Today’s gold country is not as prosperous as its rich heritage |

Today’s gold country is not as prosperous as its rich heritage

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James Butler

You know, I can't help it, but I get sick and tired of hearing these people whining and complaining about dust and noise, or their wells going dry if they re-open a gold mine, such as the Blue Lead or the Idaho Maryland Mine. What these naysayers forget, is that this is gold mining country.

Prior to World War II, stamp mills were operating 24/7 and so was the narrow gauge railroad, with locomotive whistles in the air. It was music to people's ears. It meant jobs, industry and wealth out of the earth, and nobody complained about dust and noise or their wells going dry and that awful — gasp! — mercury. Today there's not even a saw mill in operation.

Now all that was silenced by Franklin D. Roosevelt's executive order (E.O.) that shut down all the gold mines ostensibly for the war effort, and the narrow gauge railroad was abandoned and dismantled. Worse than if enemy forces dropped bombs on it.

After World War II (1945) the mine shafts were flooded, timbers rotted and machinery scrapped for the war effort. The price of gold was frozen at $35 an ounce. Wages went up, machinery costs went up. The empire mine operated for a few years, but had to close in the 1950s. Other smaller mines couldn't afford to re-open so, were abandoned — like the narrow gauge railroad. So if it weren't for F.D.R.'s (E.O.) we could still very well have these gold mines and railroad in operation today.

As a result in these past 70 years Grass Valley, the heart of the gold country (used to be a painted sign on the back of the Del Oro Theater, though I don't know what that painting is supposed to represent that is there now) what we now have is creeping liberals and environmentalists infesting every aspect of our lives that Agenda-21 mandates, shreds our Constitution, targets private property rights, over regulation forcing mines out of existence, government land grabs. Make no mistake about it.

"Agenda-21" is a plan by Global Elite to create a one world government. You can kiss America and the Constitution goodbye. For example, "social justice" means socialism/redistribute the wealth; "sustainable" means government approved; "consensus" means stifled dissent; and "the common good," means individuals have no rights. Google "Agenda-21."

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Again in these past 70 years these liberals have turned our mines, mills, foundries and railroads into museums. Now they have a petition to collect signatures to keep the Empire Mine open as a state park, how wonderful. Maybe we should be collecting signatures to open the Empire Mine as a working mine, imagine the jobs and economic boom it would create for Nevada County. Oh my no, the liberals would scream and holler all over the place, dust, noise and my well will go dry. And toxic runoff is nothing but a scare tactic they are famous for, that most folks are ignorant of, and buy into their mantra.

To hear these liberals talk, complaining about all these abandoned gold mines, you'd think they were overflowing septic tanks, toxic chemicals and mercury running down into their petunia beds. But you'll never hear a peep out of them when our blue sky is obliterated with toxic chem-trails. Because they can't get grant money for it.

So all you have now is goods and services jobs at minimum wage and paper shufflers in government offices, tax eaters and code enforcement unconstitutional regulations that drive good-paying jobs out of Nevada County.

Again as a result I fail to see how Grass Valley and Nevada City is much more prosperous now than it was over 70 years ago. All they can propose is another shopping mall at the Dorsey Drive overpass. When only the developers will prosper and the landscape paved over for parking lots. Isn't that wonderful? The people perish for lack of knowledge. Know ye.

James L. Butler lives in Smartsville.

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