To Your Health… and the Daffodil Run — Measuring Your Progress around Penn Valley- in distances |

To Your Health… and the Daffodil Run — Measuring Your Progress around Penn Valley- in distances

Gene Gilligan and Nicole Van Vacas Gagnon

There are 11 more weeks before the Joanie Bumpus Daffodil Run/Walk on Sunday, April 10, 2016! We hope you are motivated again or newly motivated this year to participate in our community run/walk.

Use this event to "bump" up your health in 2016. This is a great community gathering that supports area organizations including the schools.

There is a 5K or 10K run (3.1 miles, and 6.2 miles), and a 5K walk. You can also be an event volunteer, cheer on friends or family, or be a sponsor.

Participants in the event last year ranged in age from 4 to 82.

In 2015, we did a series of training plans to help you prepare. You can refer to those, or google "couch potato to 5k" (C25K), and you will find alternatives. Here are a few tips: start with at least 3 days per week, 15-20 minutes, and grow your endurance from where you individually are at. You may need to consult a physician. Runners will want to cross-train and mix up their training runs.

Breathe while exercising. Ease off a bit if you are too sore after or experience side stiches or cramps. Stay hydrated even when it is cold or rainy out. Use a good pair of shoes.

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These are the mileage measurements we calculated to "test" your distance abilities and increases. From Pleasant Valley Rd. to Spenceville Rd. on the foot/bike path on Penn Valley Drive is 1.6 miles. Remember the 5K is about 3.1 miles total. Start at one end, go to the other and back, and you have done the 5K. Western Gateway Park's entrance is .8 miles from either road. Start there, go to one side and back, and you did half of the 5K.

The circle drive around the large grass area in front of WGP is just over 500 yards around (.28 miles). The entrance of the park to the far side of the senior softball field is ½ of a mile. The distance through the little league diamond and around both senior diamonds is also ½ mile around. The ¼ mi. track and field at Ready Springs School is open for public use after 3:00 pm on weekdays and all day on weekends.  However, school sporting events or leagues renting the track or field have first priority.

Remember we are proponents of having a "something is better than nothing" positive attitude while you are training. It helps prevent the negatives from overtaking your successes. Even a little bit of success is something. Stay focused and look ahead to how you are going to feel in any goal you set. Being consistent, patient, and having a bigger picture view helps illuminate your progress week after week. If needed, re-evaluate your time available and adjust.

If you have any questions about training to meet your goals or signing up for the Daffodil Run or maybe being a Run sponsor, please call Gene Gilligan 530-263-7386, or go to Gene Gilligan, the Daffodil Run and NEO Empire Mine Challenge coordinator, has extensive experience in running and coaching runners.

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