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These days are different, for a reason

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Roy Crain

I have a question: Where have the people gone who once had common sense?

Did we just leave them a generation or so ago? I read The Union's front page article about the Pleasant Valley School and the parents complaining about the treatment of their children.

We are now in a time period where people don't dare spank their children, so they have little control. In my day we spanked our children, as needed, when they needed it. Now the children know they can call the police if you should dare raise a hand to spank them.

I am nearly 90 years old, and believe me, we did spank our children as needed, and we did raise a very good, worthwhile, smart generation. The teachers today have little control over their students. The students run the schools, along with teachers' unions and the parents who are already spoiled themselves.

In my day, I went to a small one-room school, with one teacher for eight grades. She was able to do this well as she had full backing from the parents. The teacher used a ruler or strap on any child who misbehaved, or the smaller ones sat in the corner, sometimes with a dunce cap on their heads. If the child complained to his or her parents, there was a second spanking or a talking to at home.

There was no fooling around, and children learned.

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This was a farm community, and my uncle had fruit trees. When he pruned them, he took a bundle of tree switches to the teacher to use as she felt was needed. Kids learned and behaved, and parents fully supported the teachers.

There was no teachers' union to control what they thought was best for the teachers' union or teachers' benefits, not what was best for the children.

You would think parents would be most concerned as to why their children are known as truants.

Now you can keep your children on your health insurance until they are 26 years old. I am part of what is called the "Greatest Generation." We fought for our country and died, many before they were 19.

I was an Air Corps pilot of a B-17 bomber when I was 20, with a 10-man crew. Over half of my crew was 18 or 19 years old. The oldest was 26 and the only one who was married. We learned early, as we had been raised with strict discipline — no fooling around!

A mother in the newspaper story said she "didn't want her child labeled as a habitual truant." Why not, if he was one, or did she allow him to be one?

Always back your teachers 100 percent! It worked, and each of my children did well and we are a very close family. There was never a question as to who was in charge.

You only get what you demand, and quit making excuses.

Roy Crain lives in Alta Sierra.

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