The cruelest executions aren’t of criminals |

The cruelest executions aren’t of criminals

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Bill Struck

In Amy Goodman's recent column regarding the "current barbaric practice of executions," she was rightfully concerned about the pain and suffering dealt on this man by the chemicals administered that apparently were not the right mix.

I can agree with her up to a point: after all these years of practice, one would think they would have learned the right combinations. Goodman dwelt extensively on the pain and suffering the man experienced until he died. (There are other methods of execution which are quick and sure, such as a firing squad and hanging, but I doubt that they would be accepted by the public, nor by me.)

But Goodman said nary a word about how this beast earned his execution, about which we learned from another broadcaster. He had kidnapped a 19-year-old girl, raped her and attempted to kill her. His attempt failed so he buried her alive until she died. You might imagine the extreme pain and suffering she experienced.

Speaking of pain and suffering resulting in death, Goodman might consider the act of abortion.

I believe that Bill Clinton and others sought to make abortion "safe, legal and rare." Rare? Hardly!

Since Roe v. Wade, America alone has murdered some 56 million babies.

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Legal? As first proclaimed by men in black robes, their constraints have been ignored and abused until their decision is hardly recognizable.

Safe? No baby has ever survived a complete abortion, whether pre-birth or after birth. Let me explain.

In Witchita, Kan., George Tiller was an expert in illegal late-term abortions. He would have been prosecuted, but Kathleen Sebelius, former Kansas governor and current secretary of Health and Human Services, stepped in and blocked the prosecution. Any abortion in the third trimester is heinous!

More recently, in Pennsylvania, abortionist Kermit Gosnell was found guilty of murdering three babies born alive in an abortion clinic. If he didn't destroy them in the womb, he would then snip their spinal cords with scissors. Can you imagine the pain and suffering those infants must have experienced, in the womb or out? (Meanwhile, our politicians still argue over when an infant feels pain.)

Ms. Goodman, you want barbaric? You've got it — abortion! And yet abortion, in all forms, goes on daily in America. And, incidentally, at least half the income of Planned Parenthood comes from us, the taxpayers.

Bill Struck lives in Grass Valley

Editor's note: George Tiller was shot to death in Wichita, Kan., May 31, 2009, in the foyer of his longtime church as he handed out the church bulletin. Scott Roeder, an abortion opponent, was arrested for the shooting and later testified that he had shot Tiller in order to prevent him from carrying out abortions. On Jan. 29, 2010, Roeder was convicted of first-degree murder.

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