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Pam Lehman

Fall is here. The days are getting shorter and soon our 2015 putting season will be over. As I write this column I realize you will be reading it the day after our last play day.

In the last article for this past year (hopefully appearing Oct. 23) you will learn who will be the officers for 2016 and who won the end of year awards.

On Sept. 17 we had ten members in attendance. When it came to aces, Jackie Sponsler led the crowd with five. Lois Dahl was right behind her with three. Donna Newland, Patti Haney and Anne Powell each had two. Joanie Broomfield, Betty Foley, Charlotte Orren and Judy Mann each had one.

In the putting tournament that day Jackie Sponsler came in first with a 34, Patti Haney was second with 35 and Lois Dahl's 37 gave her third place.

On Sept. 24 we again had ten members at our meeting. Nine of those members shot aces. Jackie Sponsler had four aces. Donna Newland, Joan Bachus, Claudette Wyatt and Betty Foley had two each. Lois Dahl, Anne Powell, Sara Peterson and Elly Stickney had one each.

Putting tournament results put Jackie Sponsler in first place with a 34. Second place went to Joan Bachus for her 36. In third place was Claudette Wyatt, who scored a 37, and Sara Peterson came in fourth place with a 38.

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Two more play days, Oct. 1 and Oct. 8, and I will be writing the last article for this year. That should be appearing in the Oct. 23 TWI.

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