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Teens rise to occasion during storm

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Cailey Tenorio

On Tuesday, Feb. 19, the students of Nevada Union High School were released at 11:40 a.m. due to the worsening weather conditions.

Though the intention was to avoid any accidents, there were still a few unfortunate cars that ended up hitting other cars and were ultimately stuck on the side of the road.

Both students of Nevada Union, my brother and I refused to drive on the very icy and very slippery streets. So we began to walk to Sierra Community College to get a ride with our father. When we walked out of the parking lot, however, no cars were able to move, cars had slid into parked cars, and two cars had been forced to go up the embankment — all of which happened on Ridge Road right in front of the school parking lot. We were then shocked to see that there were a few teenagers literally running and guiding cars safely up and down the hill. I had seen no other adults or police officers helping them or the situation. So for the next two hours or so, I helped my brother, Chase, and his friends, Amberly and Noah, and about five other teens control traffic safely and guide cars that may not have had traction, to safety avoiding more accidents.

These brave teens risked their lives making sure that others didn't get hurt on that icy road. Even though there were a few outspoken, irritated drivers, they weren't discouraged from doing what they could to help. From time to time, they even went up to people in their parked cars and asked if they were OK or needed help. By 2:15 p.m., they had cleared traffic on Ridge Road in front of the school.

These teens amazed me in that this kind of bravery and selflessness is rare to find in anyone these days, let alone in high school teenagers.

I, along with many others, am grateful for what they did.

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Cailey Tenorio lives in Penn Valley.

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