State of Jefferson could chart its own independent course |

State of Jefferson could chart its own independent course

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Chuck Frank

While both lawmakers and special interests grab land, water and taxes from Northern California, the idea of secession from the Golden State becomes more and more prominent. The poppy state is corrupt down to the very root of the flower.

So let the State of Jefferson become a reality while the rest of California and the extortionists sink into immoral oblivion lest the state legislators return to their senses and recreate a land that favors those Americans who are willing to work toward having far less government, more freedom and financial opportunity where outsourcing is no longer the rule, but the exception.

The State of Jefferson, with a heartfelt, unselfish vision, should be able to perfectly chart its own independent course and provide life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for any person willing to work toward that goal. The resources within these northern counties are vast and can easily support the people, their families and their educational needs.

Yuba, Glenn, Siskiyou and Modoc counties are climbing on board and time will tell if their dream is fulfilled. Other Northern California counties are also considering secession, as well. The State of Jefferson would also include several southern Oregon counties. I must ask myself, where is Nevada County, which is home to the Tahoe National Forest, in this mix?

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Yes, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington would surely be proud of this resurrected movement, and what could be lost? Absolutely nothing. while everything under the sun is gained. In this instance, and with a bold, new vision, most tax money would stay within the confines of the counties of the new northern state while freedom and the restoration of basic rights, along with those valued property rights of the people, would once again flourish.

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GMOs would be banned, the distribution of the water would be protected, lumber mills would be rebuilt, thinning the forests selectively would return, wildfires would be lessened, federal "let it burn" policies would be shelved, surveillance and excessive intrusion would be put to an end and over-the-top law enforcement polices would be minimized while privacy is restored. Adding to this new blueprint would be more green hydroelectric dams, thereby bringing more water to the farmers and the people while fish restoration projects would also abound and be fairly put into place.

Common Core and the nationalization of education would be thrown out of the public schools along with the propagandized federal curriculum.

This step would bring back the necessary independence that is required when it comes to the educational sector, which is meant to teach the children, not raise them in a federalized, collective, nanny state. It is a win-win arrangement where excessive federal and California state mandates would no longer be in effect and taxation without representation would be left to those unfortunate people who will be victims of the present and coming Golden State tyrannical meltdown.

Finally, a Constitutional Commission would also be part of the State of Jefferson, and commission members would be the ones who would draw up the new Constitution for the protection of the peoples rights. This would, in the end, be brought to the voters of those northern counties who seek to join the new and great 51st State of Jefferson.

This plan would mirror the framers' ideas of a limited government, which will be "for and by the people," instead of an out-of-control state that has degenerated into a mega, desensitized bureaucracy set on following a bazaar centralized plan where mandates and strange policies are king, and the czars of the agencies, along with biased judges, rule on behalf of special interests or their own.

Jefferson, and all of those counties that seek to join in, this is your moment to save that remnant that seeks a new beginning. It's time to hang on to that vision and don't let go.

There's nothing standing in your way, and if there is, just speak to that mountain and it shall be moved.

Chuck Frank lives in Penn Valley.

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