Some thoughts on truth and potatoes |

Some thoughts on truth and potatoes

There are two issues I would like to call to your attention. One may be interesting and one important. You will be the judge of which is which, or which is neither.

Why is this information denied me? When I order a pair of pants, one of my concerns is the fit. Style and fabric come second, though I have developed a renewed interest in corduroy recently (how do they make corduroy anyway?).

There are two essential components to this issue of fit: waist and length. Instead, what clothiers offer me is waist and inseam.

Now, I have purchased pants with the same waist and inseam, and one hung down to the bottom of my shoes and the other rode high on my ankle — something in the way Cliffy in "Cheers" wore his, showing a lot of white sock.

Now I don't know about you, but I personally have little concern about the exact position of the inseam — somewhere reasonably positioned between crotch and knee would be fine (some teenage boys prefer it closer to the knee, but I find that encumbering).

My concern is really focused on the length of the pants from waist to ankle, and let the inseam fall where it may. Why is this vital bit of information, the length, denied me? When it comes to pants, waist and length are "truth, truth beauty — that is all ye know on earth, and all ye need to know," at least when it comes to pants, loosely paraphrasing Keats, whose concern at the time was the Grecian urn.

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That is the first point. The second is more frivolous, with only local implications. It deals with the race for county supervisor.

The Nevada County Contractors' Association has thrown its vigorous support behind Dan Miller and Hank Weston, providing them with a substantial campaign contribution.

Presumably they believe these candidates are better positioned to support their mission. It is quite right, therefore, that the contractors should support them.

However, for the rest of us, as we learned in the recent recession, we need candidates with a broad range of economic interests.

We are a widely diversified community, and our supervisors must not be narrowly focused on growth and development.

As the Irish have learned, if your only crop is the potato, you will starve when the potato blight strikes.

Jim Hurley lives in Nevada City.

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