So, exactly how is Obama ‘dismantling the Constitution’? |

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So, exactly how is Obama ‘dismantling the Constitution’?

In regards to a letter to the editor on Feb. 24 titled "Obama continues dismantling our Constitution," I ask Bob Galletta, seriously, which articles of the Constitution has Obama dismantled exactly?

Please be specific. Let's put this issue to rest — or at least up for discussion.

Mr. Galletta says the proof that Obama, a Constitutional scholar, dismantled the Constitution is that a state law in California was overturned by "left wing judges." The judges asked the plaintiffs to show how gays getting married harmed anyone; the lawyers couldn't come up with anything except "we always do it this way." Even the conservative Supreme Court overturned Prop 8.

Biblical rules, aka "time immemorial laws," as Mr. Galletta sees it, were dismantled by a few judges, not Obama. The United States government is secular and is not subject to Biblical rules.

For example, men and women co-habitate, different races can marry, have sex before marriage, eat shellfish and commit adultery. Women can show their ankles, vote and own property, and they are no longer subjugated by their husbands in this country (technically speaking).

Women these days who subjugate themselves do so of their own free will, not because state law mandates it or they fear a stoning or having acid thrown in their face. The Bible is being dismantled more than the Constitution.

Where is the so-called Christian outcry over sex slavery, child abuse, greed, poverty, war, lust, envy and murder?

According to Galletta, the proof that Obama is a "dictator" is that he "sees himself as a king." We still have a two-party system (wish we had more), a conservative congress, a conservative Supreme Court, almost free elections and mostly capitalism. No one has been jailed or beheaded because they disagree with Obama. So honestly, which part is dictatorial? If anything, he seems to be suffering under the obstructionist strategies of the Tea Party, aka Republicans.

As to Galletta's problem with socialism, sharing the wealth of a society creates a better society, check the Bible. I think Jesus would agree.

It looks like Galletta is really upset at the overturning of Prop 8. He should be mad at the conservative Supreme Court, not Obama. Now if Mr. Galletta were mad at the commander in chief for drone strikes on innocent people in Pakistan and Somalia, I could see his point, because Galleta reads the Bible and knows that killing people is wrong.

Being a gay person myself, I appreciate the overturning of Prop 8. I am grateful for the opportunity to take my rightful place as a citizen. Marriage is a common ritual and expression of love, a way of inclusion into my family and community, living an honest and open life as an educator and social worker. It did not wreck my family (or yours); it strengthened my family and me.

Itara O'Connell lives in Grass Valley.