Retiring judge endorses Tice-Raskin as successor |

Retiring judge endorses Tice-Raskin as successor

In the following open letter to the public, Nevada County Superior Court Judge Sean Dowling endorsed United States prosecutor Robert Tice-Raskin as the person most qualified to replace him:

Dear Nevada County Voters,

As the retiring judge creating an open seat in this year's election, I have great concern, and more than a casual interest, in my successor.

I know each of the five candidates. I have had the pleasure of working with Angela Bradrick for over two years and have great trust and confidence in both her research and temporary judging abilities. Anna Ferguson and Jeffrey Lake have appeared before me on several occasions in high-profile cases. Jeffrey Ingram has likewise appeared before me in a professional and competent manner. Robert Tice-Raskin has assisted our court sitting as a temporary judge on numerous occasions and has done an exemplary job. They are all skilled lawyers.

While I believe all of the judicial candidates to be capable, I am of the view that Robert Tice-Raskin is the best qualified candidate for my position. He has excellent educational and professional credentials that separate him from the rest of the field. He is formally endorsed not only by the majority of judges of this county, but by several judges in neighboring jurisdictions who have had the opportunity to observe him sitting as a temporary judge in their courts.

Tice-Raskin has the best record of demonstrated historical commitment to public service in our community, as well as a demonstrated long-standing commitment to public safety, the justice system and to judging in particular.

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In expressing his views, Tice-Raskin consistently expresses his understanding and appreciation of the critical process of judging — to listen carefully, weigh and evaluate evidence presented by each side to a dispute and to then apply the rule of the law, without swaying to any emotional issues. This is precisely what we should expect of our judges.

Sean P. Dowling is a judge in the Nevada County Superior Court.

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