Response to editorial on government shutdown |

Response to editorial on government shutdown

In my opinion you should have stopped with, "While this newspaper prides itself on treading a political line that balances all perspectives …." Given that every article written by your "staff writers" is always left leaning, if not blatantly liberal, you began this article with a falsehood, and this time you really crossed the line. While I disagree with your position, it is the exploitation of your title that most alarms me.

I appreciate that all journalists are fostered in our extremely liberal educational system. However, I still have the naïve expectation that the media will present the news — not their opinion. I don't want your opinion. You have the right to hold it and to express it — to your barber, friends at lunch, you spouse, etc. You do not have the right, anymore than celebrities who are no more qualified than the average citizen, to express it professionally. You are exploiting your forum — period.

I expect my media sources to present the news, not to editorialize. In stating "Your View," you knowingly take advantage of your position to advance your agenda. That is not your job. Your job is to report the facts and let your readers reach their own conclusions. In doing otherwise, you presume our ignorance and abuse your position.

Sue Jeffrey

Grass Valley

Editor's note: The tradition of publishing editorials that share the viewpoint of a newspaper and its editorial board dates back to the earliest days of American journalism. The Union, which has published such editorials on its opinion pages since 1864, re-established its editorial board in February, has since voiced its opinion on news of local interest and plans to continue doing so.

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