Protect public forests from privatization |

Protect public forests from privatization

Having grown up in the concrete sidewalk world of San Francisco, California, I always enjoyed our family excursions to Golden Gate Park, or, too infrequently, to Mt. Tamalpias in Marin County. Now that we live in beautiful Nevada County, my wife and I regale at the lushness of the trees, meadows, streams and rivers that are a short walk or slightly longer drive from our home.

We are here in part to enjoy our natural environment and believe that managing these indispensable resources is our collective responsibility. There are some people in our community who believe that a form of privatization of public forest properties would improve their sustainability and prevent destructive fires. The last thing our county needs is for more private companies to manage, control, exploit, or ravage our natural environment. The checkerboard devastation of forests created by the hopscotching of ownership between private individuals or companies and public/government entities negatively impacts healthy tree replenishment, the streams, air and ground cover.

Please tell your county supervisor that they must affirm continued management of our precious public resource to the professionals from the Forestry Service and other qualified government agencies.

Jim Firth, chair

Nevada County Democrats

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