Program cuts at NU mean could mean increase in drug use |

Program cuts at NU mean could mean increase in drug use

Robert Sekerak
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In light of the recent press Nevada Union High School has received, I feel it is necessary to show a different side of NU that is rarely taken into consideration.

There is a drug culture at NU. If someone is surprised by this fact, then he never attended high school. On the other hand, there are also many more cultures: Athletics, academics, faith, community service and the performing arts are only a few.

Every day, students are making good decisions and working hard to achieve their goals. The football and basketball teams get the most publicity, but the truth is they are only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to NU athletics. The drama and dance departments put on fantastic performances, and the band has won more awards than every sport combined. Our FFA program is ranked at the top of the country, and our community service clubs are some of the most active in the state. To top it all off, this year, 55 seniors are graduating as valedictorians — that is more than 10 percent of the graduating class.

In my experience, the time in class is only a fraction of what high school is about. High school is mostly about finding where you fit in. It's the social activities — sports, clubs, performances and just spending time with friends — that help people figure this out.

It's no surprise that the drug culture has increased right alongside the cuts to sports, clubs, etc. With less places for people to fit in, more people will turn to drugs. This is why we need to improve the good aspects of our school. Once we do, the bad aspects will shrink.

Robert Sekerak is a senior at NUHS. He lives in Nevada City.

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