President’s Message — Where We’re Headed…. |

President’s Message — Where We’re Headed….

By Mike Rodriguez

I wanted to give you an update on some of the restaurant operations — what's going on and where we are headed.
First, as my kids would say, The Oaks is "rockin." Lots of people are hanging out, showing a mix of first-timers and repeat customers. And it's great to see families and children. We hold out hope the weather will eventually improve and allow us also to enjoy the The Oaks' Terrace.
Second, we are making steady progress in establishing solid operations. Work continues in building the team in terms of hiring and training, menu development and refinement, and delivery of services. Eventually, we'll be able to serve all menu items in all three main locations — bar, restaurant and terrace.
As we have from the beginning, we will expand services as we gain experience. I'm delighted to announce that we are ready to remove our training wheels in at least one important area — reservations.
Effective immediately, reservations for dinner in the Pine Room are no longer required. Walk-ins will be accommodated, as space and staffing permit.
Reservations may still be the best way to go to avoid delay and we strongly suggest them on Fridays and Saturdays. For those who find the restaurant crowded and are asked to wait, please enjoy a beverage at the 19th Hole.
Speaking of reservations, the technical limitations on phone service we've had to work around since opening have finally been resolved. With this major obstacle removed, we are working to implement a more "normal" reservation system as quickly as possible. We expect it to be up and running next week but, in the meantime, we appreciate your patience.
There are some smaller changes you'll begin to see as well that have been part of the plan from the beginning. We'll soon be using cloth napkins during dinner service in the Pine Room, martini glasses are on order and we are evaluating new snacks to add to the bar service. Lest we forget the little one, Chef Chris is also developing a children's menu.
The entire team is working very hard to improve the customer experience. We appreciate the positive and constructive comments we've received to date.

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