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Obama continues dismantling our Constitution

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Bob Galleta

These days we are subjected in public life to a dictatorship.

Since Barack Obama became president of our country, he has been in the process of dismantling the Constitution of the U.S.

Here in California, and in other states, an example of this happens too often when judges have also taken a distorted view of our laws following the guidance of Obama, who considers himself the "all wise," "magnificent" king of the United States.

When the people of California had voted overwhelmingly to amend the state Constitution to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman, it wasn't long before the left-wing, liberal judges made a legal decision that the vote of the people was "discriminatory," nullifying their vote.

Since time immemorial, all societies defined marriage as a union of a man and a woman and not as a same-sex union of male or female. Such illicit union is now called same-sex marriage, a term preferred by the lesbian and gay lobby as less offending.

Justifying these so-called marriages, judges use the principle of equality. In relation to men and women, we are all equal. In relation to marriage, equality exists between husband and wife (male and female), as God planned it.

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Regardless how the judges manipulate laws, the "Natural Law" of God, the "Creator of all things," will never change.

Where there is abuse of power, socialism or a dictatorship, the voice of the people is ignored unless it coincides with those in positions of "authority."

It amazes me that Obama told his people not to worry about him remaining in office even before the election. Maybe he also has the power to see into the future, or maybe there are flaws in our election process.

Bob Galletta lives in Grass Valley.

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