New revolution has already begun |

New revolution has already begun

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Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D.

From Liberty Square in New York City to downtown San Francisco, there is a new revolution sweeping our nation.

It began as an underground movement that exposed the harms wreaked upon us by corrupt corporate capitalism. That fledgling movement has now grown into a massive uprising that denounces the ways corporate capitalism is literally killing us. Just as corporate capitalism conquered our nation's original people, it now has the rest of us squarely in its crosshairs. What else can you expect from a culture that embraces such mantras as "more is better" and "go along to get along?" Passive, submissive conformity can feel so rewarding!

But sacrificing everything to a "free market" has not resulted in any true social good. On the contrary, we are left standing in the mud, surrounded by one of the world's highest poverty rates among industrialized nations.

If you're thinking this is another Doomsday letter, guess again — this article proclaims that a new American Revolution has already begun and that the mighty may yet fall if we rise to the occasion. A social revolt is occurring in our country, although many Americans find it too painful to acknowledge. This uprising is nothing short of a war against the glorification of profit, wealth and power by an elite completely uninterested in the public good. The members of this elite are concerned solely with achieving total power. They do not care if the poor go hungry, if families lose their homes, or if the sick die. More appalling still is that they wouldn't even care if the majority of our species died out because they are prepared to take over our entire planet.

If you doubt that this evil exists, I challenge you to experience the atrocities within your own country. Get off your couch and take a ride you will never forget. For starters, tour the poverty-stricken Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, where the original people of the American heartland struggle to survive. Here, the unemployment rate hovers around 80 percent, and most males won't live past the age of 48. No, these dire circumstances aren't just in some remote corner of Africa to which you may have sent your latest monetary donation; they exist right here in your own country. Don't forget to stop at the casino, where — despite widespread misinformation to the contrary — the locals are not making out like bandits (one-armed or otherwise).

Next, take a trip through some of the larger economically collapsed cities inside our nation, including Chicago, Camden, Gary (Ind.), New Orleans, Oakland and especially Detroit, the former automobile production capital of our nation. In 2009, the unemployment rate there soared to 28.9 percent as the auto industry abandoned Detroit, which has fallen from our fourth to our 11th largest city. Read the story of its demise in the Time Magazine article "The Tragedy of Detroit: How a great city fell" (Oct. 4, 2009). Once an emblem of American prosperity, this town has been left in ruins. Even the Detroit police department warns visitors to enter the city at their own risk.

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Last but not least, bring this eye-opening excursion back home to your own backyard. Venture into the neighborhoods in the heart of your own city; see for yourself what's going on. If you're not sure what to look for, I suspect some people would prefer it that way.

Let us rise to the occasion. The new revolution has already begun.

Thomas James Streicher, Ph.D., lives in Nevada City and is the founder of Divine Spark,

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