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LETTER – Some Thoughts

Here are some thoughts:
Security: It has always seemed to me that we are weak in this department and deceive ourselves.  Yes we have gates to control the influx of visitors. But what determines who gets in and who doesn't? Every contractor I deal with seems to have access to LWW. But this also means that whoever works for them also has access. I think we are too loose in this area.  Also, how often are the admissions lists updated?  This should be reviewed and updated frequently. And should specifically include contactors, RE agents and any others that have access and reassess their need. I am sure there is a policy but how strict is it ?
Speed demons on the road: I live on Chaparral Circle. When I leave my driveway, which happens to be on a circle, I have to look both ways several times, frequently someone is speeding, certainly faster than 25 mph.  Why? I have lived in other neighborhoods that installed speedbumps to slow traffic. While not a cure all it definitely helps things. Don't think it is that expensive.
Real estate values: How does someone outside of LWW find out what a wonderful place we live in and might be interested in buying here? There are really only three options that I can see, a] Talk to a realtor ( see part 1 ) b] Have friends that live here and visit. And c] Steal your way in and look around. Some will consider this heresy: but maybe we should have an open LWW day?  This would allow Joe Public to come in and see LWW and all of the wonderful things we have to offer. Some will be concerned about security, maybe people will be coming in to case the place?  Or worse?  For those who live in fear we could maybe hire the Hell's Angels Types (numerous, I am sure) who are in the motorcycle club to use their Ak-47's to guard their houses. This would ingratiate themselves to the LWW community and thus guarantee the use of motorcycles in LWW the next time it comes up for a ballot.  One thought is to do this for the 4th of July fireworks.  There always seems to be a big crowd on the Pleasant Valley road bridge at this time, I would doubt that all of them are LWW residents. Might be tough to pull this off logistically though. Probably another day would be better. Maybe also just during daylight hours, say 8 to 8. There would always be concerns about whether they left or not. But you can't live your life like this.
The Clubhouse:  I have already written about this to the Wildwood Independent once before (it's been awhile) Look at the clubhouse. Do you really think this could be done for 4.5 M$? Not that they didn't do a great job, and I thought we needed it. Particularly with rising construction costs, and the things that were inevitably not planned for upfront. It doesn't surprise me that it will cost more. I would rather pay a little more and have the job done right, which is what the current group of folks are trying to do.  A new clubhouse is good for real estate values also.
Clean up LWW Day: I occasionally take a walk on the roads here. When I do, I carry a small white garbage bag with me to pick up trash.  For the most part its small stuff, most of the people in LWW keep trash off of their property, but little stuff, the occasional pop can or beer can, candy wrappers, etc.  Maybe we should designate one day a year when all of this little stuff gets cleaned up.  Might be an over kill, but just a thought.

Alex Owens
Chaparral Circle

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