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LETTER-Short Term Rentals

We strongly disagree that there need be any sort of rule changes regarding short-term rentals.
The following is a short list of many potential negative impacts from such a change:
• Property values would be negatively impacted by restricting the rights of property owners to manage their properties as they see fit.
• Those that want to see what it is like to live on the lake before deciding to buy could not do so.
• The ability of those that enjoy the benefits of being able to rent a place for their relatives might be restricted.
• Local businesses that benefit from people vacationing in the area will suffer.
Put it to a vote to see how property owners feel. We are sure that arrangements can be put into place where everybody's needs are met and Lake Wildwood continues to be a safe and enjoyable place to live!

Dieter and Dianne Letsch
Lake Wildwood

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