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‘Let me be clear -it’s a lot of work!’

By Mike Rodriguez, Chair, LWA Board of Directors


There  continues  to  be  lots  of  activity  at  our  new  clubhouse,  The  Oaks.  I  am  told  the  weather  will eventually improve and as it does we expect to expand operations even further.
Our team has been working extremely hard, putting in lots of hours. Mitch and Chef Chris have been working especially hard. Those of us unfamiliar with restaurant operations may not understand how much work goes into starting  a  restaurant  from  scratch.  Let  me  be  clear -it’s  a  lot  of  work!  Developing  menus,  staffing, ordering food and beverages are just small pieces. When you add in training, establishing standard operating procedures, running a bar, events and catering, and covering a lot of geography….well, you get the picture.
We’ve  operated  long  enough  now  to  get  a  better  feel  for  our  strengths  and  the  areas  in  which  we  will continually  be  challenged.  We  decided  it  was time  to  make  a  few  changes  that  should  better  position  us  to meet increasing expectations.
We  observed  a  clear  need  to  expand  our  event  planning  as  well  as  strengthen  our  day  to  day  operations.  You’ll see some new faces as we conduct some restructuring.
One  of  the  new  faces  you’ll  see  belongs  to  Amy  Paulsen.  Amy  has  extensive  experience  in  all  aspects  of restaurant operations with a considerable focus on event planning. Amy will be assuming the overall role of Director of Food and Beverage where her breadth of experience will be invaluable as we expand operations.
Amy  worked  at  a  variety  of  restaurants  and  clubs  throughout  the  country,  most  recently  at  Winchester Country  Club  and  Granite  Bay.  You’ll  see  Amy  out  and  about  immediately.  Please  take  the  opportunity  to welcome her to the team.
Mitch Wilson will take over responsibility as Restaurant and BarManager. As our customer base has expanded we need ever more focus on the day-to-day operations to enable us to serve multiple locations efficiently and effectively.   We   have   yet   to   expand   our   morning   offerings, which will   bring   additional   challenges. Restructuring will free up Mitch to spend more time with staff in these areas.
A  few  weeks ago we also began moving Sally Fox into the role of Event and Catering Manager. Sally is not exactly  new  as  she  has  been  doing  a  great  job  in  our  Administrative offices.  Sally  has  been  doing  a  bit  of double duty for a few weeks as we backfilled her old position. But the transition is complete. Sally brings with her  a  solid  background  in  event  planning  and will  operate  as  the  key  point  of  contact  for  both  internal  and external  events.  It  helps  that  she  is  extremely  detail  oriented  and  customer  focused.  Events  and  event planning absorb a lot of time and that’s where Sally comes in. We proceeded cautiously in filling this position.
In hindsight, too cautiously given the amount of work involved.Chef Chris will also report to Amy continuing to do what he has been doing -creating gastronomic delights for young and not so young. Indeed, I know Chef Chris can’t wait to expand his offerings as the seasons change and the customer base expands.
By  adding  Amy  we  improve  our  overall  experience  level  and  enable  Mitch  to  focus  on  operations,  key  to sustaining our success. Sally will help us focus on internal and external events. At the same time, Sally will be helped by Amy’s experience in both small and large event planning and development. Collectively, we believe this restructuring brings both more experience and more focus to key areas. The Oaks is quickly becoming the place to be. Once the weather improves we know we will be challenged even more.
More people, more events both large and small, and more just hanging out.

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