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Jon Kuhn’s birthday bash

Late Saturday morning I caught wind of a happening of some sort on Brunswick Road. Apparently, resident Jon Kuhn has been throwing his own birthday bash for the past three years at the Nevada County Horsemen, Inc. (NCHI) at Brunswick and Bubbling Wells roads.

The cozy grounds of the NCHI, fewer than five acres perhaps, is a friendly place to conduct club activities, as well as host others for groups that need a place to hold their own events. Through some unknown means, Mr. Kuhn managed to bring together a crowd of over 200 folks, give or take; an eclectic collection of hot rods, collectible autos, trucks, motorcycles and vintage camper trailers; a scattering of vendors and some sort of ice cream truck right out of "Back to the Future."

Also seen on the property were people of all sorts — gorgeous, tattooed girls and women, families, dudes, chicks and a cowboy or two, plus a number of small pets. Incredibly, there were four different bands! That calculates out to roughly one band for every dog in attendance. Everyone seemed to be getting along just fine. Members of the Horsemen club offered a variety of beverages and prepared foods.

On a more personal note, I have to say that I felt myself passing through some sort of doors to a time more distant as I drove onto the grounds. The location was set off in the country just enough so that outside sounds were merely a memory. The women glowed. The men were youthful and vigorous, even the old, tired ones. The children were animated and wide-eyed, full of energy and curiosity. No harsh words were heard, no discord spoken, no eyes wandered the crowd looking for others to be wary or fearful of. Members of the Horsemen were quiet, welcoming and polite in a way that said "Welcome to our home." Their clubhouse is a time capsule from some other era. All in all it was a magical four hours for me, and I can't wait for Mr. Kuhn, whomever in the heck he is, to become one more year older just as quickly as possible. Thank you for the wonderful time, Jon.

Steve Vrismo lives in Penn Valley.

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