Is the US a passive aggressive nation? |

Is the US a passive aggressive nation?

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Linda Andrenacci

This might sound angry, but too bad, I'm declaring open warfare, figuratively, on the phrase, "Everyone has the right to an opinion."

This is because one becomes the bad guy just because one challenges an opinion that is based on propaganda, not fact. This is because the people who say this don't like dissent because it makes them "uncomfortable" or hurts their temple of peace. This is the behavior of passive aggressive people; they will agree and even put down, behind their backs, the people who are talking propaganda. But when it's time to stand up, they stand down. Poor dears, they don't like confrontation. This might anger some friends, but that behavior is cowardly.

And I'm not talking politics, which is what these type of people like to say — that involves political parties battling each other — but real issues like health care for all citizens, public education (which is supported by the Ninth Amendment) and a living wage. And don't talk about spirituality and other fashionable philosophies. The Vietnamese Buddhists were among the first to protest the corrupt Vietnam war, by not saying a word but by burning themselves alive. Yes, that is drastic, but that's what true spirituality is about, taking a stand for human beings by facing the evil and the pain in order to protect, not the nature of man, but the spirit of man.

That's what Jesus did in the Passion and demonstrated the true evil of mankind. It was not the crowd or the soldiers but his followers who ran and those who simply watched.

The only ones who stood by his side were devout women who knew that true power came from God or whatever your name is for the Supreme Being.

So if you hear this phrase or say it, remember what it represents — apathy and fear. History is filled with examples with the consequences of that behavior. And that's my opinion.

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Linda Andrenacci lives in Nevada City.

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